Tortas de Papas and Guacamole

Tortas de Papa:

They are also known as ‘tortitas de papa’, meaning potato cakes or potato pancakes, and are often served with cheese - Tortitas de Papa con Queso. Tortas de Papas are popular all over Mexico and are eaten all year round, but mostly during Lent season. They are usually eaten at lunchtime and made at home, either plain (potato only), with cheese, or mixed with canned tuna. Tortas de Papas are typically made from mashed potatoes, breadcrumbs, and beaten eggs. Then some people just fry them in oil, while others cover them in flour and dip them in beaten eggs before frying, but the cooking methods depend on the cook’s preference.

According to legend, during the siege of Bilbao, Carlist general Tomás de Zumalacárregui invented the "tortilla de patatas" as an easy, fast and nutritious dish to satisfy the scarcities of the Carlist army. Whether or not this is true remains unknown.


We all know and love guac, which originated in Mexico over 700 years ago. The Aztecs originally began making guacamoles purely out of avocado, then soon discovered that mixing avocados, tomatoes, chiles, and salt gave them strength and truly, avocados contribute nearly 20 vitamins and minerals as well as good fats while making a very tasty snack!

Guacamole comes from the word ‘ahuaca-mulli’, which literally translates as “avocado sauce” or “concoction”.


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