Who cooks the food?

Our chefs are immigrant and refugee self-identifying women from around the world eager to invite you into their homes and share the meals they serve on their family's dinner tables. Our chefs rotate monthly, so that we can showcase different cuisines! 

Chef Carla
& her Brazilian cuisine

"Sharing our traditions makes us closer to our homes, even miles away."

I'm Carla, a Brazilian Chef, and local food enthusiast!
Back home, I worked as a video and event producer for many years, and cooking for me was just a hobby. My grandfather was the one who introduced me to growing and cooking fresh food from simple ingredients. My mom and my grandma are not passionate cooks, so I remember him as the one running the show in the kitchen.

I came to Canada in 2014 to study Culinary, but a career in the restaurant industry never seemed appealing to me. I got involved with special diets working for catering companies and local producers of vegan and gluten-free, allergen-free foods, and many other restricted menus. I have a substitute for everything. Trust me!

Working at Farmers Markets for the past four years, I fell in love with Ontario farms and local producers. Most of them are immigrants, like me. I discovered that food is the best way to get to know other people's cultures and show them about my own. Sharing our traditions makes us closer to our homes, even miles away.



Design by Renato Cerqueira


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